About The Discriminant: A Non Binary & Androgynous Clothing Store

Forget the labels, and enjoy choosing from high-quality, non binary clothing items that are separated by type and collection, not gender. At The Discriminant, we’re an androgynous clothing store that focuses on helping you be your best and truest self through the clothing you wear.

The Signature

Enjoy looks designed and created in the USA by The Discriminant in our Signature Collection. We offer a little bit of everything from hats to tops to shoes.

The Trans

The Trans collection offers garments that help you look the way you feel. Choose from our collection of binders, tucking underwear, implants, insoles, and more.

The Ins

If you consider yourself a pop culture aficionado (or if you’re a bit of a nerd), then the Ins collection is perfect for you. Featuring various items from different fandoms and cultural phenomenons, it’s a one-stop-shop for all of your geeky, pop-culture needs.

The Pride

The Pride Collection is the perfect way to show you’re proud of who you are and aren’t afraid to show it. This LGBT-inspired line features a mix of witty, affirming statements, clever images, and—of course—lots of rainbows.

The Unique

You’re original, one-of-a-kind, unique—why should your clothes be any different? The Unique Collection is all about you. Customize non binary clothing such as shoes, shirts, and more when you purchase an item from this collection.

The Tech

We sell more than androgynous clothing, we also offer items such as a tech-savvy backpack, a smartphone camera stabilizer, etc.

The Discriminant, an androgynous clothing store all about celebrating your unique identity. Browse our collections today. Contact us for help with sizes.

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