All About Binders

The Goshton

A good first binder


The most affordable

Breathable material

Made from cotton, nylon, and spandex

    The Alec

    A pullover binder

    Works well to flatten

    Fits more snugly

    Most similar to a sports bra

    Breathable material

    Made from cotton and spandex

      The Cey

      Fast Drying

      Made specifically for swimming and other water related activites

      Comes in tank top and shorts

      Uses Velcro to adjust fit

      Breathable material

      Made with spandex and chinlon

        The Cole

        Tank top binder


        Breathable material

        Easiest to wear independently as a shirt

        Made from spandex and cotton

          The Ace

          A hybrid of The Goshton and The Alec

          Adjustable clips

          Material is built to breath, stretch, and move with you

          Snug fit

          Made from cotton and spandex



            Chest Binder FAQs

            Q: Which binder do you recommend for a first binder?

            A: We would recommend The Goshton. It is a great first binder as it is adjustable. This allows for the greatest flexibility in fit and to get used to wearing a binder.


            Q: Which binder do you recommend wearing if I'm very active throughout the day?

            A: For most activities we would recommend The Alec. It flattens but is still comfortable and most like a sports bra. It is a pullover binder that is comfortable and breathable. For water based activities, use The Cey. It is also a pullover but has fast drying material that is meant for swimming. It also adjustable by Velcro and comes has optional bottoms included.


            Q: Which binder do you recommend for larger chests?

            A: For larger chests we recommend The Goston. It is our only binder that has sizes above 2XL. It is also adjustable, allowing you to easily change the fit to accommodate for larger chests.


            Q: Are your chest binders safe/good?

            A: Our binders are the best on the market. However, medically speaking, there is no such thing as a safe binder. Chest binding is a practice that has health risks. However, these risks can be reduced by ensuring that you order the appropriate size binder and not wearing it for a long duration of time - especially during physical activity. We provide measurement charts in the item description of each binder as reference to assist with size selection. We recommend going a size up if you are close or between sizes. You can also contact us with your measurements and we can assist you in selecting a size.


            Q: I have a versatile lifestyle, which is your most versatile binder?

            A: The Ace is the best all around hybrid binder. While specific binders are best at specific things, if you can only buy one binder then we recommend The Ace. While it lacks the sizing options of The Goshton, the wearer is still able to comfortably adjust the bind. It is also breathable with fast drying fabric like the Alec.


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