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Trans Clothing

The Discriminant is a unique trans clothing store and online shop that has decided to break barriers and borders, bringing quality clothing to fit any identity. Our brand doesn’t worry about labels or gender. Instead, we focus on designing great clothes that are made in the USA, so you know you’re getting clothing from a company you can trust.

The Trans Collection

Our Trans collection is the place to shop for clothing that helps you look on the outside the way you feel on the inside. All of our garments and accessories come in comfortable styles to match your gender identity. Find binders, tucking underwear, implants, insoles, and more. All items help you be your amazing self and feel at home in the skin you’re in. We also offer a stylish cotton tee to show off your pride in your trans identity.

Support LGBTQIA+ youth

Did you know LGBTQIA+ youth have a suicide attempt rate that is four times greater than straight youth? This risk can be reduced by 30 percent with the support and confidence of just one person. For this reason, we strongly support counseling for  LGBTQIA+ youth and make it The Discriminant’s mission to aid the cause. For every item you purchase on our site, we’ll donate $1 to help support LGBTQIA+ youth. If you’d like to donate more than the standard amount, you can also pledge on our website here.

Shop The Discriminant’s other clothing collections and find T-shirts, pants, shoes, and more for those who identify as transgender or want to support gay pride. Find and wear your own unique style, regardless of gender.