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Gender Neutral Pop Culture Clothing

Do you have a borderline geeky obsession with pop culture? Or find yourself constantly referencing movies, video games, and TV shows? If so, then The Discriminant is the place for you. Our online shop has no labels, no discrimination, just great clothes. We offer unique designs that are made in the USA, so you’ll be supporting our economy and know you’re purchasing high-quality clothing.

The Ins collection

Our Ins collection is the place to shop for clothing like Star Wars and The Simpson’s T-shirts to showcase your pop culture knowledge to all your friends. All of our clothes reference brands and media ranging from the 80s and 90s to today. They come in casual, comfortable, gender-neutral styles to match any identity. We also have a variety of accessories like socks, backpacks, bowties, and pins to dress up your wardrobe basics.

Support LGBTQIA+ youth

For every item you purchase on our site, we’ll donate $1 to help support LGBTQIA+ youth, who have a rate of suicide attempt four times greater than straight youth. The support of one person can decrease the risk of LGBTQIA+ youth by 30 percent. If you’d like to further support the cause we’re passionate about, you can also pledge greater amounts on our website here.

Shop The Discriminant’s other clothing collections and find T-shirts, pants, shoes, and more for those who identify as transgender or want to support gay pride. Find and wear your own unique style, regardless of gender.