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Gender Neutral Clothing Store. No Labels, Just Great Clothes

Welcome to The Discriminant, your one-stop-shop for gender neutral clothing. We threw out the labels and decided to focus on what really matters—providing high quality clothing that empowers each of our customers to celebrate everything that makes each of them unique through their wardrobe.

The word discriminant represents the things that make each of us unique and distinguishable from each other. We think these differences give us reason to celebrate, which is why gender neutral clothing stores are so important. At The Discriminant, we consider it our mission to cater the individual. It’s not about gender, it’s about finding and wearing your own unique style.

Our Gender Neutral Clothing

Browse through our collections; there’s something for everyone. Obsessed with pop culture or love wearing your nerdiness on your sleeve? Check out The Ins collection. Want to show the world your LGBT pride? The Pride collection is just for you. We also offer tucking underwear, chest binders, and more in our The Trans collection.

We want our gender neutral clothes to be accessible to everyone across the world, which is why we have warehouses and manufacturers across the world. This keeps our prices (and shipping) affordable without sacrificing quality. We convert the international sizes into US unisex standard sizing. If you have any questions, we also provide sizing charts, and you can always contact us for help.

At The Discriminant, there are no labels, just great clothes. Browse our collections and place an order today. There’s no better time to express yourself.

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Gender; The Unending Saga - By Liam

Gender; The Unending Saga - By Liam
Posted on

Gender: It's a fairly complicated topic to talk about because it's a different experience for everyone.

So, I'll talk about how it’s been for me. From the time I was really little to about the time I was eight, I was pretty much what you would expect from a little girl...

Coming Out - By Sun

Coming Out - By Sun
Posted on
It all kind of started when my friends and I were at the park, and some kids started saying things about the music we were playing. The song was “A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son,” by Sleeping with Sirens, and we could all relate and were kind of in our feelings. Anyway, these kids said things to us, and we said things back to them.

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